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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Asset tracking?

It is the process of tracking and managing information throughout an asset’s lifecycle to maximize reliability and reduce total cost of ownership. While traditional inventory systems provide information about "how many" assets a company has they fall short in managing asset costs, maintenance and utilization by location(s), models, versions and serial numbers.

How does it differ from financial Asset Management?

Financial Asset Management primarily deals with Budgets, forecasting, depreciation and other "accounting" issues, not bar coding, locations, maintenance, versions, configurations etc.

What is Asset MINDER PRO?

Available in 2 versions, Vs. 2.1 and Vs. 3.0 Asset MINDER PRO is a physical Asset Management program for a 32 bit Windows platform that combines "location-centric" asset tracking, valuation and maintenance scheduling with many other critical functions. Asset MINDER PRO puts organizations in control of where all their assets, particularly "moveable" Information Technology assets are, their upgrade path, warrantor and their cost/activity history from acquisition to disposal.

Can I scan bar-coded information into Asset MINDER PRO?

Yes. Using version 3.0 with asset MINDER PDA you can scan in existing bar-codes (and most manufacurer supplied serial number bar codes) to populate the database with new assets. You may also scan these bar codes to later audit the "asset Inventory" by location or other "tag".

Finally Asset MINDER PRO 2.1 or 3.0 allows you to use a bar-code scanner to check assets in/out, or query their history library style.

Which PDA's does Asset MINDER Audit/PDA support?

Current suport is for the any Palm III O/S or greater PDA.   Future plans include support for Windows CE as well as Windows Pen enabled computers for complete wireless access to your data.

Can Asset MINDER PRO print bar code labels or do I need 3rd party software?

Yes, no other software is needed. Asset MINDER PRO 3.0 can print (or reprint) bar code labels individually or by batch (group), while version 2.1 supports individual bar code printing.


How will Asset MINDER PRO benefit my organization?

  • You’ll optimize asset usage by knowing what you have for allocation/reallocation and where it is at all times; Library off-site/on-site assets; Bar code assets for easy tracking of movement and changes.
  • You’ll increase reliability by scheduling preventive maintenance, tracking warranty and contract expiration dates and more.
  • You’ll save money by making "best-of-breed" product, vendor and manufacturer selection - buy the best for less. Also, serialized asset lists make sure the company is adequately insured, identify buying patterns and enable standardization of purchases for maximum volume discounts.
  • You’ll save time by tracking equipment configurations and models amongst other things for quick, reliable upgrade planning and implementation; Plus, instant access to scanned or OLE attachments like LAN diagrams, invoices or spec sheets speed service and decision making.
  • You’ll have a flexible, easy and cost effective solution: Enter unlimited user-defined categories, descriptions and activity tasks to track information important to you. Asset MINDER PRO is LAN ready; has data import/export filters for data transfer with most popular programs and fast start-up; Contact records include e-mail and web page buttons providing instant access to information.
  • You’ll have a secure database with controlled access by user (for use in multiple LAN installations).

Will Asset MINDER PRO run on Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups?

No. Asset MINDER PRO runs on 32-bit Windows only (95,98 and NT Workstation). Asset MINDER, however, is available for 3.1, WFW or 95.

How can Asset MINDER PRO help me if I have important documents I want to attach to my assets?

Asset MINDER PRO enables scanning of attachments and has a built-in viewer for viewing printing or faxing (needs fax software). "PRO" also supports imported OLE attachments such as word processor documents or any other "objects" you wish to attach to your assets. (Requires original application for viewing of OLE attachments.)

What do I need to run Asset MINDER PRO?

Minimum System Requirements: Pentium; 40 MB free hard disk space; 16 MB RAM, Mouse or compatible pointing device; CD-ROM; Windows 95, or NT Workstation 3.51 or later. Optional devices include: Windows 95/98/NT compatible bar code scanner (capable of reading code 39); TWAIN compliant image scanner; Windows label printer; Windows printer; Symbol SPT 1500, 1700 or PDT 1000 (for use with Asset MINDER audit).

Note: PDT 1000 available only in Europe.

What if I want modifications?

Our support and maintenance agreements include software updates in which we frequently add new features. If specific changes are needed quickly, you can obtain a special license from PCI permitting you to order changes to your version which PCI will seperately maintain for you for a modest fee. 

How can I buy Asset MINDER PRO?

Go to our BUY page or call 1-888-IMAGEWARE (462-4392).

What’s the difference between Asset MINDER PRO Server, Workstation and Audit?

Asset MINDER PRO Server is a complete "Internet-enabled" physical asset management system with Multi-company, LAN, bar code and scanning support. It has sophisticated query and reporting functions to reduce organization’s costs and increase reliability of assets. It provides an Administrator (for set-up and security, import/export, data file backups etc.) and one Workstation client for use on a LAN or stand-alone PC. Asset MINDER PRO Workstation, provides additional users for Asset MINDER PRO Server. Asset MINDER Audit provides an interface to a Portable data terminal to conduct asset audits by location or other asset "tag".


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