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of your assets?

Now you can track your assets in the palm of your hand using Asset MINDER PRO's PDA software. Currently supporting any Palm III O/S compatible PDA, (with Win CE versions planned) you can inventory new assets or audit the existing inventory of assets quickly and easily. Support for Symbol Technologies SPT 1500 and 1700 bar-code scanner enabled PDA's make entry and audit quick and accurate.

For intangible's, such as software assets, you can   "electronically barcode" software if you use a software "discovery" tool by mapping it's results to Asset MINDER PRO! 

Symbol Technologies SPT

1700bar-code scanner

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Fast and Efficient Access to Information Saves You Time and Money

PC Imageware Corporation's Asset MINDER PRO has been helping organizations all across North America track everything from IT/Audio visual equipment to furniture and fixtures. Simple bar-coding and scanning enables you to do an "audit" of most Capital Assets that would be prohibitavely expensive if at all possible manually. Read on if you want to reduce asset loss, misplacement, underutilization and better manage service, leases and other issues relating to your Capital Assets.

Discover how Asset MINDER PRO can save you time and money!

From acquisition though to final sale or disposal, track all your assets to reduce lifecycle costs and make "best of breed" selections for the utmost in reliability, cost savings and productivity!

Learn how Asset MINDER PRO can help your organization improve its bottom line!

The Cold, Hard Facts About Asset Management

Similar to planning a trip without a road map, it's becoming increasingly important to know what you have before you can determine what else you need. Any organization that has mislaid a printer, lost a notebook or misplaced monitors, sent equipment into the filed or out for service  will benefit from Asset MINDER PRO.

Find out if you need an Asset Tracking system in your organization, download our PDF Questionnaire and see for yourself if you would benefit from Asset MINDER PRO.

Also,with Asset MINDER PRO, you’ll get 30 days of free getting started technical support to ensure you are up and running quickly. Turn-key solutions are available with on-site installation training and consultation as well as long term support contracts and software license update subscriptions.

If you’re still not convinced, call us today to find out the nearest trade show we may be in for you to visit us and see first hand what Asset MINDER can do for you. If you have any questions or suggestions for new features or complimentary products or would like to participate in Asset Minder’s beta testing program for new products please drop us a line, pci_info@pci-corp.com. We'd love to hear from you.


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