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Jim Seymour, Lead Columnist for PC Magazine, PC/Computing and MacUser listed inventorying of computer assets reducing the number of vendors dealt with, reducing the models/variations used, and regular review and revision of IT strategies as some of the most important steps in bringing down TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in a keynote speech to the PC Technology Conference.

Asset Minder helps you buy the best for the least and properly maintain it by maximising warranty and preventive maintenance service agreements. Any business that has failed to substantiate an insurance claim or year end audit, mislaid a printer or RAM, lost a notebook, monitor or anything else will benefit from Asset MINDER PRO.

You Can't Afford to be Without Asset Minder!

Asset Minder lets you track assets and costs to determine reliability and cost efficiency. And, report capabilities help you find "best of breed" vendors, manufacturers and products so you can be sure you're buying the best for the least over the total life cycle!

Track All Your Assets --Quickly & Easily!

Keep track of all your assets quickly and easily and plan year 2000 migrations and upgrade with Asset MINDER PRO!

Unlike traditional inventory systems, Asset Minder records vital information needed to reduce downtime, increase productivity and reduce costs. Asset Minder schedules and tracks all activities throughout an asset's life cycle -- allowing you to quickly find the most reliable and cost-effective products and services to improve your bottom line!

Access information on any asset from one screen, including the "owner", its usual physical location, temporary off-site locations, model, version and serial numbers -- as well as all purchase, upgrade and warranty information.

Just click on any line in the main asset screen, and any scanned documents or OLE attachments such as purchase orders, invoices, LAN diagrams, instructions, service records, or spec sheets can be accessed instantaneously.

Plus Asset Minder will print bar code labels for all your assets so finding assets and tracking movements can be done with the stroke of a wand or the click of a mouse. Pop-up alarms signal you automatically when a warranty, service contract, or lease is about to expire, or you can use them to schedule regular maintenance checks!

* Uses OLE attachments.

Fast and Efficient Access to Information Saves You Time and Money!

Search for specific assets by numerous criteria using Asset Minder's powerful search capabilities. Asset Minder's detailed contact manager allows quick access to an asset's vendor, manufacturer, warrantor and other vital information. And that's not all! Asset Minder tracks lost or unused assets, missed warranty or maintenance deadlines, and other unforeseeable circumstances saving you time and money.

E-mail and Internet buttons let you send messages or access Web pages instantly from within Asset Minder and customizable correspondence templates make letter writing a breeze! Plus, import/export capabilities allow you to transfer and manipulate data to and from most popular programs.

From acquisition through to sale or disposal Asset Minder helps you optimize equipment usage, avoid costly downtime through regular maintenance, standardize purchases to increase volume discounts, and maximize tax write-offs to save time and money!

With a street price of only $469.00 U.S. for Asset MINDER PRO Server Vs. 2.1 or $1,335.00 Vs. 3.0 (includes administrator and a one user license) Asset MINDER PRO is a bargain! Plus, you’ll get 30 days of free getting started technical support to ensure you are up and running quickly!

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